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82 ASCP Skin Deep Winter 2024 ESTY PROTOCOL STEP 1 Using the Ultra Gentle Cleanser, cleanse the entire treatment area with a small amount of product and rinse thoroughly with warm water. STEP 2 Moisten a cotton pad with the Glycolic-Lactic Toner and wipe it over the entire treatment area thoroughly and evenly to degrease the skin. STEP 3 Apply a thin layer of 20% L-Lactic Peel on the entire treatment area with a fan brush. Leave it on for 3–5 minutes, as tolerated. Remove completely with a cool, wet towel and rinse as needed. The 20% L-Lactic Peel is not a self-neutralizing peel and must be removed completely from the skin. STEP 4 The skin is now prepped from the peel solution and you may perform extractions. For noninflamed acne lesions, you may use the Custom Comedone Extractor in a size zero or double zero, or by applying gentle pressure with gauze-wrapped fingers. For inflamed acne lesions, use the gauze-wrapped finger method and apply a dab of the Sulfur Spot Treatment once extracted. Wipe the client's face thoroughly with Sal-C Toner to disinfect. For pregnant and nursing clients, use the Calming Facial Toner. STEP 5 Place a Celluma Pro Panel over the client's face for 30 minutes of LED Light Therapy. STEP 6 Posttreatment, have the client gently apply Daily SPF 30 Lotion during the day and the Cran- Peptide Cream at night. Advance Acne Peel for Face and Chest Face Reality SIMPLY PUT, ACNE ISN'T EASY. You'll likely encounter many frustrated clients who have tried countless treatments and gone through years of painful and annoying breakouts before they decided to come to you for a solution. You can help them feel their best and regain their confidence through this six-step peel. Follow this protocol for application to the entire face, targeted in the T-zone, or on the chest area for clearer, more radiant-looking skin.

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