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A NEW YEAR OFTEN SIGNALS a fresh start. Maybe you're fi nally ready to take the leap and start your own business, or maybe you've felt stuck and in need of some change. Perhaps you've been practicing for a few decades and your business has evolved into something unexpected yet wonderful. Any of these scenarios could mean making a big decision about branding— whether it's the start of a new venture or a refresh of an existing business. But branding your beauty business is no simple feat. It takes time, energy, and resources to decide how your brand refl ects your personality and the services you provide and how you stand out against the competition. Part of the process includes choosing an appropriate name, which can be more complex than it sounds. After all, your brand has a unique identity—one you want to make as appealing and informative as possible. At the end of the day, no brand name decision is so permanent that changing it will be catastrophic for your business. But feeling confi dent and secure with your brand's name will carry through the entirety of your career. It makes marketing and growth easier, which translates to a full book and all kinds of success. THINKING IT OUT This may seem obvious, but taking the time to think about potential names for your business—including the risks and benefi ts of each—will go a long way in your branding journey. You can start with a fun play on your name or niche, or simply with the basics of what you'll provide as a professional. "The name should be refl ective of the services and products you off er," says beauty business coach and licensed esthetician Crystal Ochemba. "Make sure you are unique, but not so unique that no one remembers your name." She also encourages professionals to consider What's in a Name? a A simple brand choice could spell success—or regret by Erica Buehler KEY POINTS • Branding your business takes time, energy, and resources. • It's essential to your brand's success to navigate the world of digital marketing and searchability. What's in a Name?

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