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Jen Anderson, Editor @ j3nand3rson @ ascpskincare FROM THE EDITOR Get coverage for your equipment on- and off-site! More at 15 I remember exactly how I felt the fi rst time I went to a luxury spa—it was like nothing I'd ever experienced. The air was warm and inviting. There was calm, quiet music playing—so quiet, in fact, that it felt like it was coming from deep inside my mind. Every surface appeared clean and shiny, as if someone had wiped it down seconds before I walked in. The esthetician greeted me with a kind smile that made my shoulders relax in a way they hadn't in weeks. This feeling can only be summed up in one word: safety. I felt it from the moment I opened the door and that comfort followed me throughout my treatment. This should be your top priority every day. Sure, the quality of your services is critical to your success, but your care goes beyond the skin. It's more than skin deep (I do see the irony of writing that in a publication called Skin Deep). Your spa is somewhere your clients should feel safe, protected, and empowered. There should be no barriers of entry to your space and your JEN ANDERSON care, physically or emotionally. Throughout these pages, we share a few ways you can achieve this: by making your spa as accessible as possible (page 56), by receiving training to recognize unsafe situations (page 64), and by knowing when you need to refer a client for further care (page 36). This idea should extend from the client to you as a professional. You must feel like your work is a safe haven for yourself. You shouldn't be burned out or overwhelmed (see our self-care ideas on page 47), and you should certainly make sure you're enriching your business with small—but important— improvements (page 72). This new year, instead of trying to become a new version of yourself or helping your clients become new versions of themselves, try switching the narrative to highlighting new ways you can guarantee a safe and prosperous year for everyone, at least in your business. Everyone deserves to feel the comfort I experienced on that fi rst day I went to a spa. Ultraceuticals Ultra R.E.D. Corrective Serum Redness, who? My complexion is loving this reparative serum. Éminence Organic Skin Care Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil I credit my dewiest, most hydrated winter days to this oil. Alastin Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream This time of the year, I need a cleanser that isn't going to strip or irritate my skin. What I'm Keeping Next to My Bathroom Sink

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