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96 ASCP Skin Deep Spring 2024 BEHIND THE TREND Baby Brow Lamination Investigating the good and bad of this viral fad MOST THINGS ARE BETTER in baby form. Just think about the pure joy puppies and kittens evoke. Brow lamination is also getting downsized. Enter baby brow lamination. This style of lamination offers your client a subtler take on full, fluffy brows, whether they're a new guest dipping their toes into brow lamination or they're a brow service loyalist wanting to switch up their routine. The trend features lamination in the front of the brow while the rest is left unprocessed for a more natural look. Of course, every trend has its pros and cons. We spoke with René de la Garza, celebrity brow artist and founder of Brow Down Studio Pro, to get the lowdown on this low-key trend. THE GOOD As a whole, brow lamination is here to stay. "Now that we know the brow lamination service is not just a trend, we are seeing the service move along with the current brow shape trend of 'fluffy meets sculpted,' " de la Garza says. This means more clients are looking to invest their money in lamination and, therefore, in your business. The baby brow lamination trend has the potential to introduce more of your clients to your array of brow services. De la Garza recommends the look for "anybody who wants the low-key version of a full brow lamination." THE BAD There's always going to be a risk of overprocessing when chemically treating hair (imagine a full head of highlights). That's why it's important to make sure you're certified as a brow artist before offering this service or any other lamination service. You should also consider any potential pushback from this trend. "Educate your client if you're considering promoting this style because the question will definitely come up: 'Is it 50 percent off because you're not doing the whole brow?' " de la Garza says. "Continue to charge full price—although you may be using half a pump less, the time needed to achieve the baby brow lamination style is the same." Your time is money, so make sure this trend doesn't negatively impact your take-home pay. THE CONCLUSION All trends come and go, but baby brow lamination is one that could stick around for a while, which is a good thing as it helps introduce a wider net of clients to your brow services. As with most services performed, it's important to discuss aftercare with all lamination clients, no matter if they're getting a baby or full lamination. If you have clients who want the look of baby brow lamination without fully diving into this trend, de la Garza recommends selling them brow wax or other faux lamination products. At the end of the day, it's about what makes them feel and look their best. "I always recommend whatever makes the client feel more confident, more awake, and lifted," he says.

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