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88 ASCP Skin Deep Spring 2024 INADEQUATE COLLAGEN LEVELS play a significant role in the development of wrinkles, fine lines, and joint pain. Collagen is the primary structural protein in our skin and connective tissue, literally holding our bodies together. But as we age, our bodies fail to produce collagen like when we were younger. Providing longevity and increasing collagen production are the bedrock of most treatments that target signs of aging. Your client might notice decreased elasticity in the skin and might complain about joint pain as their body resists moving as easily as it used to. It all traces back to lower collagen levels that lead to breakdowns in cartilage, which can cause inflammation, soreness, stiffness, and arthritis and can lead to a lengthier recovery time after physical activity. Other common signs of aging include: • Arthritis • Chronic joint and muscle pain • Inflammation • Keratosis • Melasma • Skin and tissue deterioration Achieving a Glow with Boosted Collagen Clients come to you to develop and maintain healthy collagen levels that give them a glowing complexion and firm skin. Boosted collagen levels also help maintain strong nails, dense bones, and healthy hair and keep muscles, joints, and tendons in proper working order. When all these things work optimally, you have a picture of healthy aging. But this picture isn't possible without fibroblasts, cells that contribute to the formation of connective tissue and manufacture collagen proteins. The more healthy fibroblasts we have in our skin, the more healthy collagen fibers are made, and the better our collagen levels are. Tackling Inadequate Collagen Levels with Light Therapy Many clients today are looking for nontoxic and minimally invasive treatment options, and you probably incorporate many modalities in your practice that fit these criteria. You might already use topical retinoids and antioxidants and recommend sunscreen and moisturizers to keep ESTY PROTOCOLS Give Clients a Healthy Glow with LED Light Therapy NONTOXIC AND NONINVASIVE, THIS TREATMENT HELPS RESTORE OPTIMAL COLLAGEN LEVELS by Celluma Light Therapy

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