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ASCP SkinPro got a glow-up! Check out new app content at 19 The Scope Good Skin Starts with the Gut It's been a long-held assumption that gut health may play a big role in glowing skin. Now, science is confirming it. A recent observational study conducted by the Hairline International Hair & Skin Research & Treatment Center in India established a connection between gut health and skin conditions. The two- year study spanning July 2021–June 2023 observed common skin conditions like acne, atopic dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, and their links to gut health. There were 2,234 participants in the study, each undergoing an initial gut health assessment via an H. pylori test, after which the effects of probiotics were studied in relation to the gut-health-skin-health link. Of the participants, 80 percent experienced some of the common skin issues mentioned above. Among those with acne vulgaris, 72 percent presented with poor gut health, marked by symptoms of food intolerance, allergies, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and digestive problems. One group of participants was administered the probiotics along with conventional medicines, while the control group received only medication and no probiotics. The study found a 90 percent reduction in inflammation and redness among acne participants who were administered oral probiotics alongside other treatments. For participants with psoriasis, an inverse relationship was observed between probiotic use and the occurrence of skin lesions, meaning probiotics could be useful for treating psoriasis in the future. Additionally, the study found that pregnant participants who were supplemented with probiotics during pregnancy and while breastfeeding experienced a reduced risk of eczema in their children up to the age of 2. This study shows promising evidence to support the link between gut health and skin health, meaning treatments for skin conditions may rely more heavily on gut health remedies like probiotics in the future. Caring for that biome could mean the difference between hard-to-manage conditions and soft, radiant skin. Find more information at

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