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Page 15 of 100 @ ascpskincare Jen Anderson, Editor @ editedbyjen FROM THE EDITOR ASCP SkinPro got a glow-up! Check out new app content at 13 T he phrase compromised skin barrier is one I'm very familiar with. My experience with a compromised barrier started when I was 21, bright-eyed, and freshly living in New York City. Moving to a new climate and a city with more pollution than I was used to was certainly challenging. Not to mention, I was overworked, dehydrated, and not taking care of myself the way I should. It started as roughness and dryness. Then, there were breakouts . . . so many breakouts. But oddly, no amount of salicylic acid made my blemishes disappear. Turns out, my type 2 papulopustular rosacea had been misdiagnosed for years as acne. I only recently found topical ivermectin to be a saving grace for my rosacea flares. Unfortunately, my experience is common. So many of your clients (and maybe some of you) have experienced conditions that get confused for something else, causing the cycle of pain and frustration to continue for years longer than it needs to. The reality is that our skin is our largest organ, and it has a huge influence on our well-being. JEN ANDERSON With that, let me introduce the theme for this issue and the theme for the 2024 ASCP Spring Education Summit: skin health and immunity. Like physicians recommending a diet rich in vitamin C to boost the body's immune system and stave off the common cold, you should recommend immunity-boosting products and treatments to your clients to keep their skin in tip-top shape. In these pages, you'll find key information about maintaining healthy skin. On page 31, get a refresher on the difference between compromised and healthy skin barriers. Then, read about mushrooms (the trendiest ingredient for optimal skin health) on page 64, and learn how some clients' skin might require specific needs due to autoimmune diseases (page 72). Finally, on page 54, you'll find ASCP's 2024 Esty of the Year Ximena Juarez and the top tips she gives to her clients about boosting their skin immunity (hint: healthy skin starts from within). Don't let your clients live like I did for so many years. The physical and emotional pain my rosacea caused me could've easily been solved had I known the steps to repairing and maintaining my skin barrier. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum "This serum is perfect in the a.m. and keeps my skin bright and hydrated." Skin Script Advanced Renewal Serum "I love a good retinol, and with thrice weekly use, who needs Botox?" TiZO AM Replenish, Nontinted "SPF is a must—this chemical- free block goes on smooth and sheer." Skin Immunity MVPs Maggie Staszcuk, ASCP education program manager, is gearing up for the Spring Education Summit. Check out her top product picks below and read more about the summit on page 29.

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