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54 ASCP Skin Deep Autumn 2022 10 Ways to Enhance Client Experiences by Crystal Ochemba-Powell 10 WAYS AS A BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL, it's easy to get consumed with sales numbers, appointments, and other administrative tasks. However, building your customer relationships and enhancing their experiences are just as important as your sales and margins. Creating an amazing customer experience is a crucial part of not only growing your business, but also retaining customers. Maintaining a positive customer experience ensures your clients are rebooking, and it can also encourage client referrals. Let's look at 10 ways to enhance your customer relationship and experience. 1. Lead with Great Customer Service. Excellent customer service goes beyond meeting your clients' skin care needs. From the moment the client calls to make an appointment, you can provide that great experience with gracious and helpful service. Continue it by offering to take their coat and bring them a beverage when you greet them at the door. Next, set the stage by answering questions about the process and starting the appointment on time. Offer the client a beverage before you get started. When the service is complete, make recommendations for their home care, take their payment, and book their next appointment. If your space accommodates it, offer the client a small snack before they head back into the real world. It's all the small things that promote a "client- centered" environment. 2. Foster a Relaxing Environment. Create a relaxing environment by using flameless candles and providing scents, such as lavender, jasmine, mint, or eucalyptus, throughout the spa and treatment rooms. You can also dim lighting, play soft music, and add other amenities geared toward the comfort and relaxation of your guests. Entering your spa should make clients feel as though they've escaped real life for an hour—and when they feel that way, they'll look forward to their next visit. 3. Be Authentic. In other words, be yourself. Authenticity shows your client you're human. It makes you relatable. Your customers want to patronize businesses that have their best interests at heart. Being authentic means being transparent and showing up for your business as you would for a family member or loved one. Think about your brand and personal story. Why did you choose this industry and occupation? Make sure you tell your story to your clients in a way that is relatable to them. Your story can be shared during the consultation process, on your website, and in your marketing message.

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