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New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro app at 35 Esty Talk How can you—and the beauty industry as a whole—become more sustainable? BEAUTY BUZZ Simplif y ingredients, use naturally sustainable ingredients, and put more focus on the product rather than the packaging. @bestofskincareus There may be some minor changes we can make [in our practice], such as using towels instead of sponges; but, in some instances, I don't think we can reduce much due to the need for sanitar y single-use consumables that help keep our clients and ser vices safe. @spa_ joli_belle I lower the amount of electricity used when I'm away from the oce. I unplug and turn o ever ything—except the heat and AC, but it's set reasonably for eciency. @glamorousbliss I like the idea of recycling programs for used products—[in which clients can] exchange for a percentage o. Plus, buying as locally as possible to reduce the carbon footprint, and [swapping] plastic packaging for glass and paper. @cedarandpearlskin I would love to see more brands do a package recycling program. @carmellasbeautybarllc Our [business's] focus is in being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible! It's really about not being wasteful and using each item with purpose. We let our clients bring back their products when they are nished so we can recycle them. Plus, our lash cleanser is rellable, and we give [clients] $5 o if they bring it back to be relled. Also, we do almost all our [intake] forms online—it's a lot easier to organize. @solanaaestheticsllc Scan here to listen to the ASCP Esty Talk Podcast.

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