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September | October 2019

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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 87 ASCP & you ASCP INFLUENCERS as s oc i a t e d s k i n c a r e p r o f e s s i o n a l s ASCP INFLUENCERS Introducing our newest Infl uencer, Fearless Beauties, whose goal is to connect with industry leaders, educators, and infl uencers all over the country to heighten awareness on skin care treatment guidelines, products, and treatments that eff ectively and safely treat multi-ethnic skin. We asked Founder Mary Nielsen to tell us about the organization. How did the idea for Fearless Beauties come about? I was awakened to the need for Fearless Beauties just a few short years ago. My youngest daughter was accepted by a small liberal arts college in Southern California. I was very proud of her decision to leave a small, blue-collar, mostly white town and open her worldview by moving to Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in our country. Her classes were intentionally fi lled with students from a variety of racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds, and I was impressed with how my daughter began thinking of others' experiences as she moved through the world on her own. One day she made the statement, "Not everyone sees the world through the same lens that you do." Those words were an epiphany to me. I'm late to the party, but I'm a woman of purpose. Until now, esthetic education catered to Western ideals of beauty (being fair-skinned) by teaching students how to care for Fitzpatrick skin types 1–3, while neglecting darker tones 4–6. Discussion on treating skin of color is still too often summed up in a few sentences that state skin of color is more challenging to treat and requires additional education. Information about ethnic skin is missing in standardized esthetic textbooks, located in other books that are not used as part of a common curriculum. Why does it have to be a separate book? The esthetics industry can do better. The students at my esthetics school deserve an inclusive education. By developing esthetic education that provides accurate, eff ective, and representative information on caring for skin of color, we are not just broadening education, we are doing the right thing. I have an amazing team of Fearless Beauties who are committed to getting the message out and creating change. ASCP Infl uencers honors and promotes the experts, product manufacturers, and educators who shape our profession. What's next for Fearless Beauties? We have some education dates available for 2020 and are excited about being invited to other cities to share the movement. Our goal is that Fearless Beauties does not exist in fi ve years. We want to impact our industry so that esthetics schools have incorporated curriculum on how to treat skin of color, and skin care professionals who are already practicing have access to education on how to treat skin of color with confi dence. What's one piece of advice would you like to share with our esty readers? Commit to elevating our industry by being a lifelong learner. Stay within your scope of practice. Be ethical and practice with integrity. Be kind. Fearless Beauties hold events throughout the United States. To fi nd an event, please check

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