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September | October 2019

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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 65 We all make mistakes when waxing, and that's OK. After all, it's not about the mistake you made, it's how you handle it that makes the difference between keeping a client for life or losing her and all the friends she was going to send to you. Here are three common mistakes and how to handle them. Oops! Whether it's a strip, a shape, or a clump, the current trend is to leave a little hair when getting a Brazilian. Your client wanted a landing strip, but it has turned into a crooked line of ants. Fix it: Well, you can't put the hair back. So, fess up and tell them what happened. Give them the option of taking it all off or keeping it and growing it back in. Oops! You remove a strip of wax from the labia, and something doesn't look right. You see a shiny patch of skin and it's starting to pink up. Fix it: It could be nothing, or it could mean the skin has lifted. Ask your client if they feel any unusual discomfort (tingling or burning). Let them know what you are seeing, and what that might mean. Instruct them on proper home care and let them know what to expect during the healing process. Oops! As you take the wax from the pot to the client, a drop lands on the clitoris. Total nightmare! Fix it: If you are using hard wax, get a clean stick, dip it in a tiny bit of wax, then gently attach it to the dripped wax and remove. If you are using strip wax, lay a clean strip of cotton on top of the wax, press with your palm and gently remove. Never leave wax on your client. Clients are very understanding as long as you are straight with them. Own your mistake and explain how you're going to fix it. As uncomfortable as it may be to admit to a mistake, it's even worse to have a client discover what you did after they get home. I Screwed Up! Now What? by Crickett, The Wax Chick

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