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September | October 2019

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38 ascp skin deep september/october 2019 expertadvice ADVANCED MODALITIES RISKS AND COMPLICATIONS Cellulite reduction is considered a safe and low-risk procedure best suited for clients with a body mass index of less than 30. Possible side effects are minimal, with the chance for bruising being the biggest side effect. Clients who are contraindicated for treatment include those with a pacemaker, epilepsy, a history of poor wound healing, an open wound or rash in the treatment area, pregnancy, or an autoimmune disease or connective tissue disorder, among other conditions. TRAINING REQUIREMENTS Although cellulite reduction with the use of RF and infrared or vacuum therapy is considered noninvasive with no downtime, it is still out of scope for many estheticians. Check with your state board before performing this procedure and be sure you have the proper training and medical director oversight. Since many states require a medical directorship to perform this procedure, there are no training requirements established by the state board. Certification can be obtained easily and properly from the manufacturer of the FDA-approved device you choose to work with. Notes 1. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, "Cellulite," accessed July 2019, skin-conditions/cellulite. 2. Peter Crosta,, "Everything You Need to Know About Cellulite," accessed July 2019, 3. American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, "Cellulite." 4. American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, "Guide to Cellulite Reduction Treatments," accessed July 2019, www. center/non-surgical-procedures/cellulite-treatments. There are only four energy-based devices cleared by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite. These include VelaShape (RF and infrared light), Venus Freeze (RF and pulsed electromagnetic fields), ThermiSmooth Body (RF), and Zimmer Z Wave (radial pulse therapy). Liability Insurance Professional liability insurance for cellulite reduction protects you in case a client sues. ASCP members have access to optional Advanced Modality Insurance coverage for cellulite reduction and other advanced modalities, like body contouring and radio frequency services, that protects you and your esthetics practice. More information about advanced modality coverage, including the steps for applying, is available at Pricing for cellulite reduction services ranges from $692 to $792 for the year, and you can bundle that coverage with other advanced modalities to save more. If you can answer yes to the following three questions, you may be eligible for this advanced modality coverage: • Do I have proof of advanced training with hands-on experience? • Am I practicing these modalities within the scope of practice authorized by the state in which I work? • Am I an ASCP member, or do I plan to be? Learn more about ASCP's Advanced Modality Insurance program for members at

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