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September | October 2019

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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 21 beautybuzz COSMO REPORT MAKE TIME FOR TRADE SHOWS We know—trade shows can be expensive and exhausting, and they take you away from running your business. But even attending one or two shows a year can bring great energy and inspiration to your business. "There is nothing like getting out of your four walls (your business) and letting your mind wander," says Day Spa Association President Allen Share, who attends more than 50 trade shows each year. "When we're inside our business, there are a lot of distractions. When you go to a show, you speak to new people, meet old friends, and view new products and trends. It's the best way to come up with new ideas." Hydrated Hair Sure, dry hair sounds like more of a winter problem than a summer one, but your hair can get severely dried out from a season of sun exposure, chlorine, and even saltwater. Tony Odisho, a master stylist and extensionist, and president and founder of Tony Odisho, line of high-end hair extensions, shares some tips to keep your hair hydrated. Heat style less often. If you can go even just a few days with your natural hair texture, it will do your hair a lot of good. Use a heat protectant. If you absolutely must heat style your hair, be sure to use an eff ective heat protectant that can also protect against UV rays. Brush regularly. Brushing your hair at least twice a day with a boar bristle paddle brush helps distribute healthy oils from your scalp so they can moisturize your hair naturally. Deep condition semi-regularly. Deep conditioning is an easy way to rehydrate your hair quickly. Check the ingredients and only use products that are free of sulfates and parabens that can be drying and can fade color. Drink more water. If your body is hydrated, it's easier to keep your hair hydrated. It's really as simple as that. Apply serum. Use a lightweight serum that moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Stay Inspired A few ideas to add new energy to your business Mindful Manicures Sundays, a wellness-inspired nail salon in New York City, provides headsets for clients to listen to guided meditations during manicures and pedicures— turning a routine service into some real self-care time. Shivani Vora, who visited the salon and wrote about it for the New York Times, says, "Between sips of organic peppermint tea, I followed cues from a hypnotic female voice: take deep breaths, release tension from my body, and simply let go." With the growing popularity of mediation (according to a report released last November by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of meditation more than tripled between 2012 and 2017), this seems like an easy and inexpensive way to create a next-level mani-pedi.

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