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September | October 2019

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ascp now offers advanced modality insurance! 75 a free vajazzle to anyone who pays full price for a Brazilian. For the free vajazzle, I off er one letter or a simple premade design, like a heart. I also off er some temporary tattoos to choose from. It only takes me a few extra minutes at the end of their session. If they want more than one letter, or a larger design, I charge an additional fee. It's a great way to let clients know about the designs and for them to see how fun and sexy they can be. Vajazzling is a service you must create demand for by explaining it and off ering it, since it is not something most women even know about or know where to go for it. Keep in mind the special occasions in which your customers may be more inclined to add this service. If someone comes in for a Brazilian before their wedding, anniversary, or trip to Vegas, you can suggest your vajazzling services. If this is a service you really want to promote, you can ask customers on the phone when booking their appointment if they want to add a vajazzle. This usually leads to questions about what it is and an opportunity to explain and upsell the service in a few minutes. PRICING Because vajazzling is not done at many spas or salons, there is no standard pricing. It will be up to you how to set your prices. Some salons have a variety of designs to choose from and a set price for each design, plus a service fee to apply the design. If you have premade designs, your customers might choose to purchase them and take them home to apply themselves. If you have some small ones at the register counter, it could be a quick sale if you point them out to the customer, tell them what they are, and ask if they want to purchase one. HAVE SOME FUN WITH IT You can create fun names for special occasions to promote combo packages on your service menu, such as The B.B. (Bedazzled Bachelorette) or The V.V. (Vegas Vajazzle). If you or your salon off er hair removal services, particularly Brazilians, vajazzle is defi nitely a fi tting product or service to sell. It doesn't require any special licenses or certifi cations, and you can start with something as basic as letters or words, adding more variety for Valentine's week, Halloween, or peak bikini seasons like spring break or summer vacation.

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