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80 march/april 2018 ASCP & you I AM ASCP He's the Man Find out how this member succeeds as Chicago's first male esthetician HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE SKIN CARE BIZ? Although I may look like a cool guy, I'm a total geek! I was always the overachiever in school. I joined all the clubs and was also president of the science club. Science and anatomy were always fascinating to me. Determined to be the best, I earned an associates degree at age 16. My dad was a hairdresser and my mom was a natural beauty. She had three sisters who were beauticians. With my years of growing up around beauty and as a teenage mad scientist, I wanted to continue my education but do something fun. I remember looking through the Yellow Pages and coming across Pivot Point International Beauty School. I met the amazing Leo Passage and enrolled at 17 at the original school on Howard Street in Chicago. YOU WERE CHICAGO'S FIRST MALE ESTHETICIAN. WHAT MADE YOU BELIEVE YOU COULD BE SUCCESSFUL? At that time, I had no idea I was the first male esthetician! I actually just found out a few years ago. So, I believe much of my success came from just believing in myself. I tell people stories from back in those days about how I was turned away from jobs because I was a man in a predominantly female industry. I was told I wasn't allowed to perform facials on their female clients. But I persisted, and I'm glad I did because it made me stronger. GIVE US A TIP FOR GROWING A MALE CLIENTELE. Remember something about each of your male clients. These days it might take a few minutes, but I can always remember something about my 2,000 male clients. This is where making notes on their client cards comes in handy. Make notes! Did they get a free sample last time? Were they on vacation? Did they get married? Are they dealing with an illness? They always appreciate that I remember them. (P.S. Do the same for your employees!) AFTER 20 YEARS, WHAT KEEPS YOU EXCITED ABOUT SKIN CARE? I am so amazed at the technology behind skin care! I've always been a believer in nature plus science when it comes to formulas. And now, there are so many innovative formulas and combinations in high- tech ingredients and natural organic products. I just can't believe all the amazing products being developed! And, of course, the amazing instruments we use, such as ultrasonic spatulas and LED light therapy. Truly amazing to heal the skin! WHAT'S A SKIN CARE TREND YOU'D LIKE TO SEE GO AWAY? I'd like to see the "create your own mask at home" trend go away! Like I just said, there are so many amazing and tested products out there. Why are you mixing apple cider and coconuts with lemons at home for your zit? Visit an esthetician who is professionally licensed to help you with your skin care. We were born to help you with your skin! JULIO MENDEZ Esthetician, owner of Waxman Spa Chicago, IL ASCP Member Since 2016

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