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Page 37 of 84 35 Nature's Way Facts and fallacies about natural products by Mark Lees, PhD expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS There's no doubt natural products are very popular. Many clients prefer ingredients that are naturally sourced and sustainable, such as botanicals. Choosing natural over conventional products is a consumer choice, but in order to make intelligent decisions, consumers need to have a good base of knowledge about ingredients and biology to avoid being bamboozled by misinformation. Clients will often look to estheticians for help understanding claims and ingredient science, and to select the best products for their individual skin. Make sure you understand the facts and fallacies regarding natural products. Fact: There is no such thing as chemical-free. Everything in the universe is made of chemicals, including the human body. The human body contains many chemical elements, including carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium, phosphorus, and even chlorine. Every human body function is possible because of biochemical reactions. Plants are no different. They grow and reproduce and have benefits to the skin because they are complexes of many chemical components. So, using the term chemical-free is not only wrong, it also shows an ignorance of science. Fallacy: Natural ingredients are less likely to cause allergies and reactions. Not only is this statement false, natural ingredients are actually more likely to cause allergies than isolated chemical ingredients. Most allergies are caused by proteins, and because plants contain proteins, so do extracts derived from them. Secondly, because plants are made of many different

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