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38 november/december 2017 expertadvice MODALITIES e Body Electric Galvanic current can be effective from head to toe by Susanne Schmaling Body treatments are an essential skill that estheticians should master, especially when working in a spa environment. With the advent of cosmetic medical services like CoolSculpting, it is valuable to understand how you can improve a client's skin condition before and after such services. One option easily available to estheticians is galvanic current. This modality has been around for many decades and is safe for use on the body. Most of us are familiar with the facial applications, such as iontophoresis and desincrustation, but did you know galvanic current is also an effective addition to a cellulite body treatment? Here are the basics. HOW DOES IT WORK? Galvanic current uses a smooth, direct current at a milliamperage (mA) to create an electrochemical effect within the skin. A gel with active ingredients is placed on the area of treatment with a negative and indifferent electrode, which is a pad saturated with saline or distilled water. The electrode that creates the chemical effect is known as the active electrode, and this is applied to the area requiring attention. The indifferent electrode is placed on an opposite side of the active electrode. For example, if one electrode is placed on the thigh, the other should be placed on the other side of the same thigh. The device delivers the current for a limited amount of time. The products and current improve the movement of fluids in the treatment area and stimulate the skin. When treating cellulite, this helps improve the skin's appearance by moving fluid and increasing microcirculation. All

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