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Page 35 of 76 33 Beyond the Facial Addressing the body╩╝s common skin issues by Mark Lees expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS When most people think of professional esthetic skin care, they think of facials. But we know the face is not the only place on the body where clients have problems and come to us with questions. Here are a few frequently seen body- care issues and some solutions. DRY HANDS Especially during cold winter months, dry skin on the hands can lead to cracks, and even bleeding and pain. Solution: The regular and frequent use of a good hand cream that contains a mix of humectants and emollients (such as shea butter or petrolatum) can create a faux moisture block while the skin has time to heal. Suggest using low-foaming, fragrance-free hand soaps and wearing gloves in cold, dry, winter air. The frequency of cream applications is very important here. Offer small or travel-size tubes of cream so clients can have several to keep in their purse, desk drawer, etc., so they are always available. Another great tip: before bedtime, apply a thick coat of cream and put on a pair of soft cotton gloves and sleep in them. You won't believe how much that helps! KERATOSIS PILARIS Keratosis pilaris (KP) is the scientific name for the bumpy skin condition that many people have on their upper arms. KP is a genetic disorder caused by a buildup of keratin protein that blocks tiny hair follicles. It feels like sandpaper and can also have redness associated with it, but it does not hurt. Children often have it on their lower face cheeks, but this usually clears as the child ages. Solution: KP on the body can be treated and controlled, but not cured. Daily application of a glycolic or lactic acid lotion that contains a good hydrator (applied after bathing) can significantly improve this condition. It is important that the skin is still wet when the treatment lotion is applied. Use of a granular exfoliating shower wash may also help.

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