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Page 25 of 76 23 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Respect Yourself What's your best self-care tip? Devote at least one day a week to not thinking about work. As a suite renter, I feel constantly connected to answering text messages, phone calls, and emails, and dealing with advertising, social media—the list goes on. Everyone deserves downtime. Everyone. It is critical to take time to enjoy your life, family, friends. Whatever small things bring you joy—gardening, art, reading, pets, lunch with a friend—spend time doing it. Shut the phone off. Get in your happy space. Block out the noise of life. It's critical. The old cliché, "Don't get so busy earning a living that you forget to build a life," is 100 percent true. Moments of joy fill your spirit. The rest will fall into place. Rita Holland, via email Take your own advice. Go get a facial. Visit other therapists and relax. Learn something, add something new, and gain more experience, but take your own advice and go get a spa treatment every month. You cannot expect your clients to invest in their skin if you aren't doing the same. Blythe Potter, via Facebook A little bit of self-care every day goes a long way. My favorite things I am crushing on right now are my copper peptide beauty-boosting pillowcase and sleep eye mask. I am getting a double dose of self-care, sleep, and skin regeneration. That's as easy as it gets. Stephanie Ollikainen, via Facebook Being in the industry for nearly 15 years, I have learned that I always need a refreshing pitcher of infused water to sip between clients! Having a healthy diet keeps my body running with GOOD energy. I wake early to hit the gym to keep my joints free and my body moving, since we work in a field with very little physical movement. I schedule 4–8 four- day weekends a year to rejuvenate my body and soul. Several times a week, I walk in the woods. I schedule lunch breaks into my day. I love to see fellow estheticians getting facials and "me time." Kathryn Barrel, via Facebook Take the time to nurture yourself. Maybe it is getting lost in a good book; maybe it is a hike in a local park or a massage. Find the thing (or things) that gives you peace and enjoy it frequently. The phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup" is true for a reason! Laural Anderssins, via Facebook Answer our next question: What steps will you take to start the new year right? Email your answer to Your answer could appear in the January/February 2018 issue and may be edited for length and clarity. Learn to say no! Get massages—a lot of massages! I have a therapist I trade with and a therapist who doesn't know what I do for a living so I can actually get a client experience. Julie Maddox, via Facebook »

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