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MAY | JUNE 2017

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36 may/june 2017 Save Some Skin Your guide to sun care facts & fallacies by Mark Lees expertadvice SKIN SOLUTIONS Even though the damage caused by sun exposure has been well documented, people still sunbathe and expose themselves unprotected to the sun. Arm yourself with knowledge about sun damage so you can stress to clients the importance of sun protection and dispel the many rumors and fallacies. FALLACY: "I don't need a sunscreen; I don't get that much sun. I always wear sunscreen when I go to the beach." FACT: Most of the sun damage that occurs in our lifetime is from ambient sun exposure, not deliberate tanning. Walking to the mailbox, driving in the car, talking to your neighbor in the yard, and sitting by a window at work—all of these seemingly innocent scenarios expose the skin to damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. It is cumulative sun exposure that causes eventual damage. Sun exposure at age 22 causes wrinkles and skin cancer at age 40 or 50. Every time you have unprotected exposure, damage is accumulating that will eventually show up as sagging, wrinkles, liver spots, and skin cancer. FALLACY: "I want to get some sun, so I will apply sunscreen at the beach if I start to turn red." FACT: By the time you turn red, damage has already been done. Redness is the immune system in the blood investigating why the skin is being injured. Applying sunscreen on top of hot, burned skin is not a good idea! Apply your sunscreen at least 20 minutes before going into the sun. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens work immediately. Others take some time to take effect. FALLACY: "I don't wear sunscreen every day, but my makeup has an SPF." FACT: While it's good to use cosmetics that contain sunscreen, the amount of protection can vary with the amount of makeup applied. No matter the SPF in your foundation, it's important to apply broad-spectrum sunscreen under it all.

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