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MAY | JUNE 2017

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Page 33 of 76 31 expertadvice MIND YOUR BUSINESS Beam with Pride Build your business by building your confidence by Lori Crete "I am just an esthetician." I know I'm not alone when I admit these words have entered my mind more than once, and that they have held me back in the success department. I've allowed these words to make me feel that I was less than others I viewed as smarter, more professional, or wealthier. But now that mind-set is in the past. One day it hit me just how self-deprecating and simple minded this self-talk was, and I knew it was time to replace it with something more valuable. Immediately, I started retraining my mind and replaced the statement with, "It's time to remind yourself of three things you are proud of." Here they are: I've had a successful business for 12 years. Forbes contributor Eric T. Wagner reports that "eight out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80 percent crash and burn." Starting and sustaining a successful business is difficult. But I'm doing it, and it's good to remind myself of this incredible feat. I've stood on stage in front of 650 women. "Overall, fear of public speaking is America's biggest phobia—25.3 percent say they fear speaking in front of a crowd," writes journalist Christopher Ingraham. I was afraid, too. But facing our fears is how we overcome them, right? I am booked solid 90 percent of the time. Your goal, after all, is to help your clients achieve their skin care goals. I remind myself that my gifts allow me to help women look and feel beautiful. Action Step: Update your LinkedIn biography to highlight your past experience. 3. Think about all the clients you've helped and jot down some of the compliments you've received. Action Step: Get some client testimonials and post them everywhere. 4. Consider all the obstacles you've faced throughout your career and how you've successfully overcome each and every one. Action Step: Send a thank-you note to all those who helped you along the way. Nothing speaks more loudly to being professional than honoring those who help you succeed. 5. List a few instances when you were afraid to do something, but did it anyway. Action Step: Think of something you've wanted to do but haven't because of fear. Make a plan today to do it. Now, read everything you've written down and look at the action steps you've taken. Feel proud of your accomplishments. I promise when you remove "I am just" from your vocabulary and replace it with a positive and encouraging statement, magical things will happen. When I started recognizing and cherishing my accomplishments, I realized I was not "just" an esthetician; I was someone who others viewed as professional and successful. And my confidence soared. When we feel proud and confident, we radiate, and we can tap into a beautiful business growth mode developed by Darylle Dennis called "inspired action." Inspired action is the process of stepping out of your comfort zone and taking more of the steps needed to grow a business—such as handing out a business card, attending a networking event, or speaking at an event— even though the thought of it scares you. Now it's time to honor your greatness and be proud of who you are. Grab a notebook or your journal and follow these steps: 1. List the classes and advanced education you've taken and reflect on how hard you've worked and how much you've learned. Action Step: Share on social media one advanced education class you have taken and why. 2. List all the jobs and positions you've held and the skills and expertise you've gained.

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