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MAY | JUNE 2017

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Page 23 of 76 21 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Career Minded How did you discover you wanted to be an esthetician? My husband and I moved to a new state and I entered my midlife crisis full- on! Burned out from my former career as a clinical social worker, I explored a few diff erent things. During this time, I started to regularly see an esthetician for the fi rst time in my life. Every time I left her, I said to myself, "I want to make people feel like this!" After a couple of years of thinking about it, I fi nally thought, "If you had done something besides just think about it, you'd be doing it by now!" So off to school I went, and two months after graduating I started my own practice. I love it! Sally Thomae, Spritz Skin Care, Seattle, WA I have had skin care problems since I was in my early teens. I was always in and out of the dermatologist's offi ce with severe grade 4 acne. After trying various skin topicals and oral medications that did not work, I was fi nally put on Accutane, which tremendously cleared up my skin. Then, when I was 18, I was diagnosed with melanoma. Though my melanoma was not life-threatening, the struggles and frustrations with my skin inspired me to become an esthetician in order to educate others about their skin and shine light on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, as well as a healthy skin care regimen. Sara Picciche, European Wax Center, Sterling Heights, MI Growing up, I always had a knack for doing makeup. I went to esthetics school to advance my knowledge in skin care for better makeup applications. I only really wanted to be there for the makeup portion of the program. While learning how to do facials I thought, "I am never going to give another facial again in my life after I get out of here," only to realize months later that I enjoyed giving facials just as much as doing makeup, if not more! Now I go to work every day loving both facials and makeup applications. Emily Abramson, Beauty Boutique, Chester, NY I never knew I wanted to be an esthetician until I watched a friend doing lash extensions. I was obsessed with the process and asked to try. From that moment on, I was addicted and knew I had to get licensed so I could make a career change and be my own boss! Once in school, I realized I love skin care, too. Even more, I love being able to help people with the skin issues they are challenged with. Rebecca Hagen Solimando, The Lash Room, Arvada, CO Answer our next question: We all have crazy client stories. What's yours? Email your answer to Your answer could appear in the July/August 2017 issue and may be edited for length and clarity. I struggled with skin issues and it took a big toll on my confi dence. Once I fi nally got my skin to where I wanted it, I knew I wanted to help other people get there, too. Helping other people achieve their skin goals is what gives me satisfaction and is what made me want to be an esthetician in the fi rst place. Maddy Hethcote, Ulta Beauty, Denver, CO ยป

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