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MAY | JUNE 2016

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64 may/june 2016 ASCP & you I AM ASCP A Shining Success Radiant clients and positive vibes inspire this esty's 37-year career IVETTE CAUCEGLIA Licensed esthetician Founder of Glow Skin Care, Inc., Fort Myers, FL ASCP Member Since 2011 WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO OPEN YOUR OWN SALON? I have been in the industry for more than 37 years, and each salon I worked in had its good points and its deficiencies. My vision was to design the perfect environment where my guests would receive the finest skin care treatments targeted to their needs while feeling pampered. Ten years ago, I took the best of all the knowledge and experience I had gained over the years and created that ideal environment: relaxing and appealing to the guest as well as pleasant for the employees. HOW DO YOU MANAGE STRESS THAT COMES WITH OWNING A BUSINESS? There is no question that owning a business can be challenging at times. Unexpected things happen, often at the worst possible moment. When things happen, it is of paramount importance that my guests not be affected. One of the ways I deal with the stress is to take a deep breath and refocus myself with positive energy. This enables me to present the guest with a calm and happy demeanor, regardless of the situation. This also helps me keep things in perspective. When I am out of the salon, I de-stress with my second passion: gourmet cooking. WHAT IS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF WORKING IN THIS INDUSTRY? I have always been passionate about esthetics. Just knowing I can help someone feel beautiful and confident makes me love what I do even more. Designing a skin care plan that addresses a guest's special needs and then seeing improvement in her skin and her self-confidence as the plan is implemented is very rewarding. Making someone look spectacular for a special day always brings me great joy. As a people person, I am also gratified by relationships I develop over the years with my guests. When someone leaves my salon and she's glowing, I have achieved my goal. WHAT IS YOUR BEST MARKETING SUCCESS STORY? In a word: referrals. People talk, and when they find a place they love, they are not shy about telling their friends about it. I have always strived to ensure that every guest who visits my salon leaves feeling better than when she came in. The vast majority of my guests come to me on the recommendation of another client. Then, after their experience, they recommend me to their other friends. This has always proven to be my most effective method of growing my business. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE TREATMENT TO PERFORM? TO RECEIVE? Every treatment from which my guests benefit could qualify as one of my favorites. I truly love what I do! If I had to choose one, it would be our Le Grand Classique facial. This is our most elaborate facial; it gives the guest clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion. More than just a facial, it is an event they enjoy and remember. I look forward to both performing this service and seeing the results. As you can probably tell, this would also be my favorite treatment to receive, too.

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