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MAY | JUNE 2016

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Page 37 of 68 35 expertadvice MIND YOUR BUSINESS Beginner's Luck 10 no-fail success tips for newbies by Lori Crete All too often, I hear seasoned beauty biz practitioners wishing they could turn back time and reset their course, especially when it comes to launching and implementing business systems and structures. Here's your chance to learn from others' mistakes, start on the right track, and blaze your own trail. 1. Don't feel like you have to give away your services because you lack experience or are trying to build a book of business. Excessive giving is not a sustainable business model. Be confi dent in your education and your value as an esthetician. 2. Create a pricing structure you are proud of that represents your value. Thinking you will start out and attract clients because you are inexpensive and then raising prices later will not work. 3. You must create a no-show and late-runner policy on the very fi rst day—and stick to it. This shows you are a serious, no-nonsense professional who stays on time and on track. 4. We tend to give more time and energy to those individuals who are high maintenance and demanding. Don't get caught in this trap; treat each client with the same care and attention. 5. Avoid making decisions from a place of fear—be it fear of failure, an upset client, or a fi nancial misstep. Fear- based decisions keep us stagnant. 6. Know that you don't—and will not ever—know the answer to every client's skin care questions. It is OK to say, "Let me do some research and get back to you." And then follow through. 7. Invest in professionalism from the start. Pay for a professional head shot, a concise biography, and some beautiful treatment room photos. 8. Learn how to market your services. The sheer volume of marketing platforms and advice out there can be overwhelming; you have to do your research and focus on what will work best for you. Take a class— they are plentiful and many are low-cost or free. Whatever you decide, don't overlook this essential business-building tool. Try this • List your top 10 gifts—the parts of your character, intellect, and skills that have gotten you this far. Acknowledge your strengths and honor them. • List the top 10 traits about yourself you'd like to improve. You're your own best critic. Shine the light on what you'd like to polish. 9. Design a networking success script. Know exactly how to speak to potential clients with confi dence. Spend the time it takes to script the words, practice your speech, and own the message. 10. Success leaves clues. Picking up as many ideas as possible along the way will speed your journey. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be. Avoid making decisions from a place of fear—be it fear of failure, an upset client, or a fi nancial misstep. Fear-based decisions keep us stagnant.

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