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MAY | JUNE 2016

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Page 21 of 68 19 beautybuzz ESTY TALK Recovery Room Tell us about an oops moment you had in the treatment room. How did you recover? My oops moment was when I worked for someone else and was given my schedule for the day. I took my client to the waxing room to do her bikini wax. I kept trying to get her to lie back so I could wax her. It turned out the initials on the schedule, "BW," meant a brow wax. Now, I always ask, "Bikini or brow?" Clarice Rome, Aesthetics by Clarice, Novato, CA In my first year of being a beauty therapist, I was doing an eyebrow wax. As my client sat back, I asked her to relax and expressed that she could trust me; she smiled. I cleaned off her brows and her face still seemed tense, so I tapped her forehead and said, "Relax your eyebrows." She said, "I can't; it's Botox." We laughed. To this day, I still remember tapping her head trying to get her face to look less stern. She remained my client for many years. Samantha Grace, Wild Bloom Aesthetics, Colorado Springs, CO It wasn't my oops, but one evening I was walking through the spa where I was working and I heard a voice calling "Hello, hello?" from one of the waxing rooms. Another esthetician had set up a client for a facial in a waxing room in order to do two services at the same time. It appeared she forgot about this client and went home, leaving the client in a mask for about 30 minutes! When I went in, she asked where her esty was, and before I realized what was going on, I told her she had left for the night. The client burst into tears! I quickly gathered my wits and asked if I could finish her facial and give her a 15-minute shoulder massage. She agreed and remained my loyal client for the remainder of my time working there. Lynne Shirvandehi- Gow, Goddess Lynne Body and Skin, Westwood, CA I accidentally used the wrong tinted moisturizer and didn't realize it until I put the medium- dark on a fair-skinned client. I wiped off as much as I could, then joked and said she would be going out a little more tan than when she came in. Trish DiLallo, Unique to You Customized Skin Care Therapy, Auburn, NY Answer our next question: How do you talk to clients who are obviously not following your home-care advice? Email your answer to Your answer could appear in the July/August 2016 issue and may be edited for length and clarity. One that still haunts me and caused me to lose my client: I was still pretty new, trying to do it all in one 75-minute facial, and I knew my client would join friends for lunch immediately following her service. I gave her a makeup application in the treatment room, but I didn't realize until she was in the lobby and ready to go that the color I used to match her skin also highlighted her very baggy under-eye area. It was an extreme reverse raccoon mask look. I'm sure her friends noticed it and made much of it. That was the end of her. Laurel McKay, Laurel McKay Skin Care, St. Petersburg, FL

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