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Page 35 of 68 33 By asking three simple questions before you start a service—and carefully listen- ing to the answers—you can expect to double your retail sales, increase your waxing business by up to $25,000 in a year, and connect with clients in a beautiful way—all while building brand loyalty. #1: "WHAT'S NEW AND GOOD IN YOUR LIFE?" This question allows the client to connect with you. Just like Oprah says, "Everyone wants to be acknowledged." When a client shares something new and good, it encompasses three important elements that will contribute to your success as a beauty-biz practitioner. • It creates a deeper connection between the two of you, and people buy from, and become loyal to, those they know, like, and trust. And because she knows, likes, and trusts you, she will view you as an expert. • When you allow a person to share something new and good, it creates a positive energy for the entire service. We know that when a client has a positive experience, they will tell more people about it: think referrals! • The answer will be full of clues on how you can best serve this client. For example, if the client answers, "I'm expertadvice MIND YOUR BUSINESS going to the Bahamas in two weeks, and I can't wait," I now know that (at the end of the appointment) I will tell her about my spray-tanning services, and I will also suggest a sunblock as a take-home retail product. #2: "DO YOU NEED AN EYEBROW OR LIP WAX TODAY?" While asking this question, explain that you are asking because it is best to do the waxing before the scheduled service. I also take a moment to explain that since we are all busy, it is my pleasure to make life a little easier for my clients. (I only ask this when I have the time. I will not run late and disrespect my next client to boost profits.) It's OK if the client says no, because you have planted the seed that you do waxing, and she might invest in these services the next time she comes in. Think of it as free advertising. If just five or six clients per week invest in an eyebrow and lip wax, you can boost profits by up to $25,000+ per year. #3: "WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SKIN CARE CONCERN?" This answer will be full of important information that will allow you to serve your client at the highest level. When you combine your client's answer with your knowledge, you'll know what retail home- care products to recommend in a genuine and authentic way. Just Ask! Watch your profits soar with 3 simple questions by Lori Crete What's new and good in your life? Do you need an eyebrow or lip wax today? What is your biggest skin care concern? This question will also tell you if it is appropriate to offer an add- on or upsell service to the existing appointment, or recommend an additional visit to address a concern she mentioned in her answer. When you actively listen to these answers and combine your knowledge with a little creativity, you can achieve outstanding results. And isn't that what our clients want—and need—from us?

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