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Create your free business website! 7 Cucumis sativus is the Latin name for what is probably the most popular member of the gourd family. A standard in most backyard gardens, the plant is a creeping vine that can grow 6–7 feet and fl owers from July to September. The gourds that emerge from the vine's yellow blossoms can be orange, white, or yellow, but the most common color is green. It is used in recipes that range from soups and salads to sorbet. Have you guessed the gourd? If you said "cucumber," you are right! Beyond their usefulness in the kitchen, cucumbers are an ideal addition to a healthy skin care regimen. They are packed full of skin-enhancing nutrients, including vitamin C for collagen and elastin formation, antioxidants to reduce signs of aging, and beta-carotene for radiant skin tone. The magnesium, potassium, and silica content can tighten the skin and help prevent wrinkle formation. Topical Treatments The classic way estheticians have used cucumbers topically— by placing slices over a client's eyes during a facial—decreases puffi ness and reduces dark circles. It also just feels refreshing and relaxing to have the coolness of the cucumber slices lying on your eyes. This cooling agent is also useful for soothing sunburn pain. wellness With 90 percent water content, cucumber is a common ingredient in many cleansers and moisturizers due to its wonderful skin conditioning and moisturizing properties, which can reduce scaling and fl aking skin caused by psoriasis or eczema. And They Taste Good, Too But it's not all about using the cucumber topically. When enjoyed on its own or in a refreshing summer salad, cucumber can help reduce blotchiness and heat rash. In fact, most of the topical application benefi ts can also be found in consuming the cucumber. As an added bonus, cucumber's high water content and fi ber-loaded peel both aid in digestion. And when your digestive system is working optimally, it is detoxifying properly and can lead to clear and radiant skin. Consider a daily glass of cucumber juice to ensure you are detoxifying effectively. The silica content also promotes hair and nail growth. Enjoy your late-summer bounty! Shelley Burns, a doctor of naturopathic medicine, completed studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and has certifi cation in complementary and integrative medicine from Harvard University. She can be reached at the Executive Health Centre at 416-222-5880 or Gorgeous Gourds A Soothing Treat for Healthy Summer Skin by Shelley Burns

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