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ascp and you: your turn 48 ASCP Skin Deep July/August 2015 What's the most important thing you provide for your clients? The most important thing I can give is a great experience. After a thorough consultation, my clients can relax knowing they are in good hands. I like to recommend products for at-home use to help sustain the results of the treatment. By the end of the service, I want my clients to feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever is next in their day. It is important they feel the time with me was well spent. Nora Esparza Top-quality products and service! Without our guests, we have no career. Maria Graciela I make a point to give clients what they need individually. I've learned to be flexible and listen to my clients' concerns and preferences and make sure to document them for their future appointments. My clients love that I know all of their little preferences, whether it's an extra blanket, a specific massage technique, or a little extra time focused on extractions. It's all in the details! Anesia Overlund I give my clients permission to relax, just be, and take the time they paid for. I let them ask questions and offer realistic treatment options to meet their expectations. It's all about timing and balancing the treatment time during these sessions. I have learned to build that trust with each client, and some days I may just say, "Today is for you. Let's not talk, so you can relax for an hour." Keeping that balance works like a charm for me. Kat Cabrera The aspects I feel are the most important to a guest are the quality and consistency in the level of customer service, treatments, and results. If we can meet those expectations time after time, they will trust our skills, expertise, and business integrity. This creates a lifelong relationship that truly benefits both the client and the provider. Consistency is key! Desarae Santos Marhofer Via Email Besides honesty, time, and availability, I'd say the one thing I pride myself on is providing my clients with skin care knowledge. So many clients are overwhelmed with the bazillion products on the market. I like to teach all aspects of skin care, so my clients are educated and ready to get results! Debbie McLaughlin Via Facebook Trust, positivity, and a smile. Out of all the options they have, they've chosen to trust me. My clients know they're going to get an awesome service from me, and I know I'm going to provide the best I can. You never know how tough someone's day is or what they have going on, so I go out of my way to make sure I give them not only the best service I can, but a positive experience that can change their day. Noura Obeidi Confidence, trust, and gorgeous skin. Luzmila Dahlstrom Arauz I give my clients education: why their skin is doing what it's doing, and what I can do to improve it. I also give them my undivided attention, so they know they are important and that I am listening to them—not only so they relax and feel nurtured, but so they leave with the knowledge they need to have healthy skin. Chris Clough Sgambati Answer our next question: What advice do you wish you'd received when you began your career? Email your answer to Answers will appear in the September/October issue and may be edited for length and clarity.

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