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Put away your phones and textbooks; it's time for a quiz. As a savvy, successful business owner, you should know the answers to these questions off the top of your head. Your answers will help you discover what you know—and what you don't. Now, no looking at your neighbor's paper! What's Your Business IQ? By Les Sweeney, BCTMB, and Kristin Coverly, LMT Les Sweeney: A logical reaction here might be, "What's it to you?" Don't worry—we're not angling for a loan. Actually, the idea here is that as a company of one (in most cases), only you know your business. To be a successful entrepreneur, you must have a handle on the factors that determine your success. Being aware of your personal profit and loss (P&L) status is critical: if your account is low, it's time to apply a little elbow grease toward filling your schedule. On the other hand, what if you already beat your monthly goal? It might be OK to take the afternoon off. What's the current balance in your business checking account? If you know it within $50, give yourself 5 points; add 2 extra points if you know it within $20. points 1 30 ASCP Skin Deep July/August 2015 TAKE THIS

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