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ascp and you: finer points 40 ASCP Skin Deep January/February 2015 Great Customer Service There are some customer service crimes that can kill even the best client relationship. To avoid that risk, make sure you're doing these four things: LISTEN TO THE CLIENT Listen to what the client wants, and (just as important) let the client know you're listening! When you assess her skin's needs, don't let that close your ears to what she actually wants. Perhaps she wants to look 10 years younger, but you can see the first step must be fixing her congested skin. If you don't explain how this will help with her long-term goal, the client only notices you aren't addressing her immediate wishes. Nobody wants to feel like they're being ignored and they wasted their money. In another example, perhaps a client comes to you because she heard about your fabulous extraction technique. She specifically chooses that facial, but she is so dehydrated you cannot get much out of her skin. She makes the comment that her other esthetician always gets everything out. Regardless of the explanations you could give, you must also find a way to meet her needs if you want her to come back. The answer might be an enzyme peel and galvanic current desincrustation. Exceptional service is all about being a problemsolver for your client. BE PRESENT Do you let your phone ring in the middle of a facial? Do you go even further by answering it and talking to the caller? Do you send text messages with all the sound effects while a client is under the Time for some New Year's resolutions? We've identified six very important skills every esthetician should master for a successful career (see the graphic on page 41). Throughout the year, this column will take a closer look at each of these skills. In this issue, let's focus on customer service and evaluate how well you are doing in this area. This is the time of year to take stock of what is working for your clients and what is not. Here are some questions to ask: • What is your retention rate? Do you see most clients only once or twice, then they never come back? • What does your treatment room look like? Is it comfortable for clients? • Do you have a standard protocol you use with every client regardless of skin type? You may find that your practice is stuck in a rut and you never really noticed until your client base started shrinking. Something as minor as a poor reception experience can send a client running to your competitors. Often, dissatisfied clients will never let you know what caused the rift. They feel uncomfortable complaining, so they just drift away. 6 Skills to Master in Esthetics success, step by step by Susanne Schmaling

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