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16 ASCP Skin Deep January/February 2015 When was the last time you had a party at your business? If you've never tried hosting an event, you will be surprised at what a great way it can be to promote your services. Each day, for several months, I passed a store just around the corner from my business. The parking lot was always empty—then one day it was different. Not only was the parking lot packed with cars, women were rushing to get into the store, armed with what appeared to be postcard invitations in their hands. I had to go and see what it was all about! Once inside, I was awash in a party atmosphere. There were colorful balloons, light refreshments were being served, and a guitarist was entertaining the crowd. Signs highlighted specials and discounts in different sections of the store. There was a woman doing a makeup application on a willing shopper, who had hopped into her chair upon invitation. Other shoppers were trying on clothes with glee, testing perfumes on themselves like they had never smelled it before, filling their baskets, and shopping like they meant it. I was so surprised by how packed the store was. This wasn't Christmas shopping—it was the end of August! Yet, from the full parking lot to the crowded store, it looked like a holiday rush. What I remember most, besides the party-like atmosphere, is that there were lots of smiling faces. Wouldn't you like to see more smiling faces in your skin care practice? Host a spa event for Valentine's Day (or any day) by Noreen Young Party On! February Themes This is a good time to start planning a Valentine's Day- themed event—and I don't just mean offering sweetheart specials and gift certificates, although this is the perfect season to promote those, too. Through the years, I have learned it's best not to focus entirely on couples in your Valentine's Day marketing. Create a promotion that will work for every client. Not everyone has a sweetie. The client's hubby or wife may have just passed away, or they may have recently been through a breakup. Last Valentine's Day, my business's promotion theme was "Fall in love with your face and body again." We decorated with the usual hearts and flowers, but added signs that read Love Yourself! next to products we knew clients would love. With this theme, we held a beauty event/open house, in addition to featuring specials all month long. Some other ideas for party themes might be Morning Escape, Afternoon Delight, Happy Hour Shopping Event, Girls' Night Out, or Guys' Night Out (do not limit your events to just the ladies). You can also theme an event around a new service, a charitable cause, or a new product line. Remember, you can host more than one event a month! Plan for Event Success At my most recent event, we had fun, sold out of many things, booked services, and made clients happy, too! Here is my recipe for event success. First, as a team, everyone at my business talked about what we wanted to promote, say, and do. We had a meeting to explore and exchange ideas. Then, we decided on a date.

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