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New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro app at 45 BEYOND TREATMENT Making Your First Hire by Lauren Snow IF YOU FIND YOUR SCHEDULE SO FULL that you are turning away potential clients, it might be time to make your rst hire. When there is ample interest in potential untapped revenue streams, like o ering massage therapy or eyelash extensions to your existing clientele, this may indicate that getting help is the answer. However, expanding your business and bringing on another person without a plan is a big mistake that could cost you money, time, and many headaches. On the other hand, when done well, hiring extra help can a ord you more time to do important tasks, generate more revenue, and even create time to do more of what you love. Sometimes, when we don't have enough time or resources, things fall through the cracks—and other things don't get done correctly. (Ask any bookkeeper who has bravely taken over the books for a busy sole proprietor.) For example, suppose you spend most of your time in the treatment room and need more time for essential o ce duties, like maintaining records, paying bills, and handling day-to-day business operations. You may rst look at your time management and then at hiring a bookkeeper to help you stay organized, manage your cash ow, and understand where your money is going. For many estheticians, their rst and often best hire is a bookkeeper. A good bookkeeper is detail- oriented and wants to help you correctly record your business operations. In addition, while they are not CPAs, they should understand tax basics, so preparing your taxes is easier. A good bookkeeper can also help you nd ways to cut costs and increase your pro ts by having real-time data to help you make meaningful decisions. When deciding how you want to move forward with expanding your business, an excellent question to ask is, "How much do I want to manage and direct my spa?" If you're passionate about growing your brand and building a spa empire, an employee is probably the right choice for you, so you can control scheduling, services, pricing, and training. However, if you want to increase your bottom line with extra rental income or bring in other services you don't already o er, a room-renter situation may work for you. /

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