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New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro app at 33 Why Do You Love Being an Esty? ESTY TALK I enjoy helping my clients build con dence and self-esteem. Not only do I help keep their skin looking healthy and beautiful, but I'm also a listening ear and get to provide solicited advice—it's about developing relationships and making them feel seen and heard. @pinkamingoskinandwax I love that the industr y is always changing. There is always something new to learn. On top of that, each client [is unique and presents their own] lifestyle, skin concerns, and problems. Ever y client is dierent, so I'm always learning. @beautifylicensedesthetician I love to get the calls and text messages that I have made a dierence in someone's life—one they can actually see! @estypro5150 Making my clients feel beautiful and condent is what it's all about. My clients are the ones who inspire me to be better and make me want to learn more so I can stay on the cutting edge of what's trending in the industr y. @kimsanziskincare I just started my 37th year as an esthetician and I'm still excited about helping my clients feel good about themselves. The look on their face when they see themselves after a treatment is priceless! @shelley.hancock I have the best clients. I absolutely love helping them with their skin care and getting them to a healthy glow [so they] feel amazing in their skin! Want your answers to be featured in an issue? Reply to our Friday question posts on Instagram @ascpskincare.

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