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64 ASCP Skin Deep Winter 2023 THANKS TO A VIRAL TIKTOK TREND, the standard at-home skin care routine is enjoying a supercharged rebirth. One TikTok video in particular, created by Dr. Whitney Bowe, a New York-based, board- certified dermatologist, research scientist, and founder of Dr. Whitney Bowe Beauty, has been viewed over 2.4 million times. And the term skin cycling, which she coined, triggered #skincycling to be viewed across TikTok over 181 million times. WHAT IS SKIN CYCLING? Skin cycling, as defined by Bowe, is a "strategic method for cycling through your nightly skin care products to drive the best results," with "strategic" being the key word—and the primary focus—of her classic skin cycling routine. Pre-COVID, "People were learning about an ingredient, getting excited about it, and then just adding it to their evening routine," she says. And, during the pandemic, the practice escalated as DIYers attempted at-home skin care routines based solely on the best new products list, not a professional's recommendation. Another important feature of skin cycling is that it allows for rest days. According to Bowe, "The world of skin care has become overly complicated, and skin cycling helps streamline the skin care routine in a way that's both effective and easy to follow." WHY IS SKIN CYCLING IMPORTANT? One main reason skin cycling is important is that it helps repair the skin barrier, which Bowe says has taken a beating. "I've treated thousands of patients for over a decade as a dermatologist," she says, "and I find that one of the top mistakes people make when it comes to their skin care is that they don't build in nights for their skin barrier to recover." Another great reason for skin cycling is that it helps reduce the negative side effects of product mixing and overuse, and it can be easily adjusted for seasonal/life changes. The skin cycling routine not only produces the best results, according to Bowe, but it also "reduces stress around skin care in general, as it lays out clear instructions on what to use on your skin and when." According to Eden Gilliam, esthetician and founder of EVE MILAN New York, communication is the key to educating your clients on skin cycling. "The cold cream and Vaseline our grandmothers used won't cut it anymore," she says. "Our environment is changing, and we should be adapting. And because of pollution and environmental stressors (including chemicals, pollution, and light from electronics), we need to feed the organ that protects all the other organs and give it good ingredients to work with." Skin C ycling Succe Curate an effective at-home routine for clients by Lisa Bakewell

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