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42 ASCP Skin Deep Winter 2023 10 Ways to Calm Client Anxiety by Crystal Ochemba-Powell 10 WAYS CLIENT ANXIETY IS QUITE COMMON when it comes to treatments that are more advanced, such as lasers, microneedling, microblading, extractions, and acid peels. Knowing how to navigate and calm your clients' anxiety and nervousness is key to client retention. Your job as the professional is not only to provide a service that yields desired results, but also to ensure your client has a positive experience. Let's explore 10 ways to calm client anxiety. 1. Start with a Thorough Consultation. When it comes to calming client fears and anxiety, conducting a thorough consultation is a great start to understanding the needs of your clients. A professional consultation will help you select the right treatment option for your client, and it will also open the door to answer any questions the client may have about their treatment plan. 2. Set Expectations. Clients may ask common fear-based questions, such as "Will it hurt?" Be transparent about what to expect during their treatment. Walking clients through what to expect will assist in calming their nerves. 3. Ask for Confirmation of Understanding. After conducting a thorough consultation and setting expectations with your client, it's great practice to confirm your client's understanding. Getting confirmation that your client understands the service being provided and the treatment plan moving forward will help build a great rapport with them. Remember: A service-based business is more than transactional; it's a working relationship. 4. Lead with Education. Anxiety sometimes comes from fear of the unknown. Leading the treatment with education is key to keeping fear at bay. If this is the client's first treatment, educate them on the

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