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38 ASCP Skin Deep Winter 2023 BEYOND TREATMENT Great Client Relationships Start with Great Consultations by Liz Kline A PROPER SKIN CARE CONSULTATION is invaluable for both the esthetician and the client. I remember being in esthetics school and listening to my instructor say, "Whatever you do, always ask, verify, and repeat back what the client tells you." Little did I realize those few words of wisdom would be the difference between an amazing customer experience and a bad one. We've all made mistakes and learned quickly not to make them again. And maybe, just like me, some of you have experienced the dreadful words, "That's not what I wanted." These moments are when I say to myself, "What could I have done better? How could I have better understood what they really wanted?" And it's also when I think back to what my esthetics instructor said: It's about the consultation and the continued communication throughout the service you provide. Sounds pretty easy if you think about it. Why wouldn't we ask what the client wants? Why wouldn't we confirm with them their desired brow shape or what their skin care goals are before starting a service?

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