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34 ASCP Skin Deep Winter 2023 INGREDIENT DECK What's the Deal with Copper Peptides? And why are they popping up in so many products? by Ella Cressman A QUICK INTERNET SEARCH will lead to many recent informative revelations on the efficacy of copper peptides, a naturally blue complex also known as GHK-Cu or tripeptide-1. Professionals have long known about the (possibly) regenerative properties of GHK-Cu because the discovery of its skin benefits is decades old. 1 Recent research in gene data has sparked a renewed interest driving public curiosity, and the skin care industry has spoken (with marketing, that is). The ability to easily explain ingredients, especially those found in the products you retail, only aids in establishing you as the histological authority with clients. So, what do copper peptides do? THE LOW-DOWN ON PEPTIDES In the skin care industry, peptides are multifunctional actives with the potential to reduce wrinkles, combat acne causes and side effects, improve skin tone and elasticity,

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