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How do you build solid relationships with your clients? ESTY TALK Actually listening to their concerns, taking the time to help them o the table, and not rushing through a treatment, especially [with] older adults or those who are physically challenged. @my.janelle Follow up after a treatment and after a product purchase. People are shocked when we send a text or call, ask about results, and answer questions or concerns. @botanicaskinandbrows Being empathetic to your clients' needs/wants. Your clients become family—you grow together and you dedicate yourself to assisting them age with grace in ever y stage of their lives. @resonatehealthspa Besides communicating, it's important to be honest, transparent, and relatable. @euphoric.transcendence I like to go into my "psychology of skin care" chat with ever y client. I talk about how we are so focused on ever y other face in the world [that] you should treat your reection like it's your favorite face. @amaesthetics.ak Flexibility with boundaries, a listening ear without sharing that information with others, and being happy to see them—like they are your rst client ever. @cirocco_stout Want your answers to be featured in an issue? Reply to our Friday question posts on Instagram @ascpskincare.

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