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FROM THE EDITOR Jen Anderson, Editor @j3nand3rson @ascpskincare @ascpskincare Follow us online! New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro app at 11 G New Skills in the New Year Growing up, I was the kind of child who would write the loftiest New Year's resolutions. Etched in the pages of my purple diary, I would vow to become a new person, a seemingly better person than the one I was the past year. Looking back, I never needed to start over. I needed to simplify my resolutions and improve on the skills I already had established. But try telling that to a 10-year- old perfectionist! This year, I challenge you to make small adjustments rather than "wiping the slate clean" and taking away all the hard work you did in 2022. First up: Let's add to your skills as a professional communicator. You already know your communication skills matter. But you can always learn more. Check out page 38 for tips on nailing your consultations with new (and existing) clients, then ip to page 64 for advice on helping clients curate their at-home routines with skin cycling in mind. Next, enhance your approach to speci c clients in your book. On page 50, Spring Weaver breaks down everything you need to know about treating prenatal clientele: what to avoid using, which treatments bene t their changing bodies, and how you can provide them with the extra TLC they need. Then, check out "Can Positive Thinking Lead to Reduced Stress in Skin Care Clients?" on page 60 to nd out about the use of Insight Cards with clients who feel particularly stressed between appointments. Finally, focus on how you can cut through the constant dialogue to better your nonverbal communication. "Body Language Speaks Volumes" (page 70) discusses how the small details in your hand gestures, facial expressions, body movements, and more can change how clients perceive you—and how you understand them. This year has the potential to be a great one, but you can't get there if you're trying to be a new person. Instead, let's work on being the best version of you there already is. JEN ANDERSON P.S. The 2023 Readers' Choice Awards are coming up. Cast your votes now.

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