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32 ASCP Skin Deep Student Edition WHEN I STARTED MY CAREER, social media didn't exist. I didn't have the luxury of posting before-and-after photos of the awesome brows I was doing, using hashtags to promote myself, or asking people to like and follow my page. So, I did the next best thing—I hustled. Here's the thing—this is a customer- service industry, and there can be dozens of spas, solo estheticians, and medi-spas within a 10-mile radius. I started by doing a lot of discounted work if a client referred people or told their friends and family about me. I passed out business cards to every person I knew or met and struck up a conversation with everyone I ran into, including restaurant servers, bartenders, cashiers at the grocery store, and people next to me in line at the store. I was passionate about it, but I also wanted to make my career sustainable. Here are some ways I built my book and how you can too. START WITH A GREAT CONSULTATION When clients began to schedule appointments, I had to make sure they rebooked—this was key. Part of that process was building rapport and offering good customer service, starting with the consultation. You want to have a good dialogue with clients; educate them, but also listen to their needs and skin care goals. Above all, be honest with them. If they want a service that won't work for their needs, suggest a plan B. Remember—every client is unique. LOOK AND ACT PROFESSIONAL Looking the part was important for me when I was starting out. My hair was done every day, and my nails were well manicured. My makeup was done, and I always wore a smile. It's also important to keep your conversation professional. Leave your personal life at the door. There's no need for your clients to know if you're having a bad day. This is their time to relax and enjoy the experience you give them, not to listen to your grievances about boyfriends, kids, etc. BE EMPOWERED TO SELL Being shy about upselling services and products was something I had to overcome. Believe me—this comes with practice. Some estheticians may think the price is too high or feel like they are a salesperson if they try to push product. I went to a continuing education class that revolved around selling retail and why it is our job as professionals to recommend skin care products to our clients. The lesson? This is part of the job to ensure lasting results of our work. Those lasting results will be your walking advertisement when your client leaves and does their daily routine at home. Instead of waiting until checkout to recommend a product, start the moment they sit down for the consultation. When you use a product, ask them what they think and talk them through the benefits. It's as easy as saying, "Which one of these will you be taking home today?" Personally, I didn't give my clients the option to say no, and it worked. PRIORITIZE YOUR EDUCATION Putting my education first helped me build and maintain my clientele long term. Every chance I had, I attended trade shows, learned about new products on the market, and educated myself about new trends and the health benefits of ingredients—this saved me in so many ways. The more education I received, the more I could educate my clients on what to use and why to use it. By continuing your education, you can stay in the loop of new trends, devices, and products so you know what to talk about when a customer comes asking for the latest and greatest. This industry is always changing. Just because you learn how to do something one way doesn't mean there won't be an easier or better way later. Remember, keep grinding and putting your name out there. With social media and so many different platforms now, it's easy to show the world what you are capable of. Don't just sit around waiting for people to walk in the door and hope that when they do, they return to you. You must put in the effort to make them want to return. Liz Petrick is the cosmetology operations manager at Associated Skin Care Professionals. An Insider's Guide to Building Clientele The hustle is real, but it'll pay off by Liz Petrick Get insight from the experts with articles made to help you be the best skin care professional you can be. ASCP Skin Deep magazine:

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