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24 ASCP Skin Deep Student Edition CONGRATULATIONS! YOU'VE MADE THE DECISION to start your esthetics career by working for someone else. This is a great way to get your feet wet, learn from others, build your experience and professionalism, and become comfortable working on an array of clients. Here are a few things to help you fit into your new role. PRE-EMPLOYMENT • Of course, before you start working with clients, you need your license and professional liability insurance in place. While some employers purchase this liability protection for their employees, often their policies only cover the business establishment, and not the individual esthetician. Protect yourself with the right insurance coverage. • Before accepting a job, make sure you fit with the culture and the culture fits with you. Ask the right questions when interviewing, speak with current employees, and research the business to ensure it's a good fit. • Will you be supported? As a new employee fresh out of school, it can feel a little daunting to start work in the real world. Be confident in your education, but don't be afraid to discuss with the employer how they will support you in your new role. • Be clear on your title as either an employee or an independent contractor. The latter gives advantages to the employer and can often be fudged to their benefit. See the sidebar on page 25 for more on this important employment status distinction. NOW THAT YOU'RE HIRED . . . • Maybe your goal is to one day be your own boss and go solo. That's great. Use this time as an employee to learn everything you can about being Being an Employee Advice for the new esthetician By ASCP Staff

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