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96 ASCP Skin Deep Summer 2022 MOVE FOR A MINUTE Stretch Those Pecs! Ease the pain and stiness caused by poor posture with these simple stretches by Marisa Savino THE TIGHTNESS WE FEEL in our pectoral (chest) muscles typically comes from our everyday posture of rounded shoulders. When shoulders are rounded for an extended time (like leaning over a treatment table), pec muscles eventually begin to shorten, causing sti ness and tightness. We all need to be more aware of our posture throughout the day. Beginning and ending the day with some simple stretches can help with that awareness and keep those muscles from shortening. These stretches can be done almost anywhere without any expensive equipment. All you need is some discipline and consistency! START THE DAY Scorpions Lie down on your stomach with your arms out to the side and your head relaxed. Lift one leg up, then bend the knee. Swing your leg across to the opposite side of your body. If you can get the foot to tap the ground, you are fully performing the movement. Return the leg back to center and repeat the scorpion move with the opposing leg.This dynamic stretch will open your hips and lower back, but if done properly, you will also feel your pecs lengthening as you rotate side to side, pushing your weight into the palms and the upper part of your body. Repeat, alternating legs, for a total of 8–10 repetitions. Wide Push Ups Begin on all fours, bending and keeping your knees on the mat. Begin to shift your weight from side to side by bending one arm while the other arm remains straight. Pause as you shift from side to side, feeling your chest open while bending into your bicep and the rest of your arm. Repeat 5 times per side. END THE DAY Kneeling Pec Stretch Place one hand on the side of a table with the elbow bent at 90 degrees. Kneel beside the table and place your other hand on the oor so your back is parallel to the oor. Begin to lean your chest away from the top arm, leaning into the opposing hand. Hold that position for an initial 30 seconds, then gradually move your bent elbow slightly forward and hold for another 30 seconds. Repeat as you begin putting your chest and shoulder through a deeper static stretch. Repeat on the other side. Towel Stretch Sit or stand with a tall, upright back. Hold each end of a small towel behind your back with straight arms. Continue to hold the towel as you roll your shoulders back and drop them down. The closer your hands are to each other, the more intense the stretch becomes. Adjust your hands accordingly as you continue to grip the towel behind your back. For more movement tips, follow @ms. triss on Instagram. Scan to see videos of these stretches!

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