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New member benefit! Get the ASCP SkinPro app at 51 BEYOND TREATMENT Next-Level Retail Offer your clients more than just skin care products by Lauren Snow CONSUMERS OF BEAUTY AND WELLNESS are on a mission to look and feel their best by embodying a health- conscious lifestyle. What that means to each person may vary, but knowing your clientele and their motivations can help you bring in more profi ts from products beyond just skin care. Why? Because chances are, if your beauty- and wellness-obsessed clients aren't buying those complementary products from you, they're buying them from someone else. It's no secret Americans, especially women, spend a large amount of money per year on health and beauty products. According to Byrdie, the average woman in the US spends up to $3,756 on beauty products each year, which comes out to about $313 a month. 1 With this spending in mind, the global beauty industry is estimated to hit $716.6 billion by 2025. 2 A retail area with skin care products and boutique-type items can contribute positively to your monthly revenue and boost your average ticket sale—just by being in the right place at the right time. Retail products can (and should!) be about 30–50 percent of your net profi t. Sometimes estheticians struggle with retail because they don't want to feel pushy, but becoming a good salesperson and strategic stockist is one of the quickest ways to increase your income. When you buy wholesale retail products, your profi t margin can easily be 50–60 percent or more, depending on the items you sell and how you price them. DESTINATION SPAS Resort spas are often referred to as "destination spas" because they are the ultimate destination for all things wellness and beauty. Their goal is to provide everything you could ever dream of. You'll notice the carefully curated shelves sell not only skin care products but also body care, makeup, clothing, jewelry, aromatherapy, candles, and trinkets that align with their vision of whole-body beauty, health, and wellness. This is because women prefer to spend money on beauty rituals and experiences, as opposed to simple products. 3 That's not to say you must take out a separate lease for an adjoining unit to accommodate an expansive retail space to get in on the boutique action. It's about making a thoughtful selection of items that are a natural extension

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