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32 ASCP Skin Deep Spring 2022 I was doing a Brazilian many years ago as a new esty, and the client was overdue for their service. Their hair was super long and instead of rescheduling (I was at a chain), we proceeded with the service without trimming. I got wax stuck on her labia and I could not get it o . I used the oil. I tried putting more wax over it. It became a big ball of curly hair and stuck wax. I was freaking out. The client was freaking out. It was horrible. She ended up going home with a huge ball of wax on her vulva. She called me later, relieved that she nally got it out with hair conditioner. I learned my lesson for sure and was so traumatized it's never happened again. @thesoulfulesti Esty Talk Have you ever had a whoopsie doozie accident in your spa? I was wearing a new pair of pants recently, and they were very slippery! All day long I was sliding around uncomfortably on my stool. My last client (thank goodness she was a longtime regular) witnessed me trying to sit down, but the stool slid out from beneath me and I landed smack on my butt on the ground, then hit my head on the stool. After making sure I was OK, she told me that I fell quite gracefully. @skincareby _cheryl I have cut a client during dermaplaning. I can say it has only happened twice, and they were not deep. But one of those times my client and I were chatting away while I was dermaplaning. She has a very expressive laugh and laughs at everything. So, we were having a good time while I was doing her chin. She laughed and the blade got caught and made a tiny slice into her chin. I knew she felt it and I was so apologetic. She is a regular of mine now and every once and a while she laughs and says "don't cut me" when I dermaplane her. Now I ask people not to talk while I'm dermaplaning around their chin area. @the_blushing _ gemini

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