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62 ASCP Skin Deep Winter 2022 When a client is browsing social media and they run across your post, most people will read and keep scrolling. By having a call to action, you are inviting them to follow you offline to further engage with you. 4. DON'T RELY ON BOOSTING ALONE Have you spent some money to "boost" a social media post but all you got in return were more likes? The boosting feature allows more visibility; however, it is not a dynamic way to get more bookings. This is because boosting alone does not get you more clients—it just gets you more likes. If you choose to use the boost feature on Facebook or Instagram, I recommend pairing it with a paid Facebook ad to really target your potential clients. Don't get me wrong; boosting works, but primarily to build your likes and not much else. Your main focus should be to get those clients to follow you offline. It's OK to spend a little money on ads to actually reach the clients you are seeking. 5. CULTIVATE YOUR DIGITAL FOOTPRINT While building your business, it's important to create and cultivate your digital footprint. A digital footprint is any type of online interaction or contribution from your business. Your digital footprint could be a combination of any of the following: blog posts, guest blog posts, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, your website, and/or social media profiles. The larger footprint you have, the more likely it is for your clients to find you. Your content should provide value, including high- quality photos and educational videos and/or audio. 6. FOCUS ON CLIENT RETENTION It's easy to forget about your current clients when focusing on gaining new clients. However, your current clients are the reason your business is successful. Current clients already trust you and have a relationship with you. Current clients will refer their friends and family. Current clients will try new products and services you recommend and provide honest feedback. Therefore, there is great value in maintaining your current clients and appreciating their loyalty. Key ways to increase client retention are to always follow up for feedback, maintain great customer service, and reward client loyalty. 7. CULTIVATE YOUR CRAFT AND DEFINE A NICHE Defining your niche does not exclude anyone—it allows you to include and target your ideal clients. Think about it: Would you go to your general practice doctor for a toothache? No, you would call your dentist. Would you go to your dentist for open heart surgery? Certainly not. You can apply this same concept to your beauty business. Why be a generalist when you can become known as a specialist and charge accordingly? Embracing a niche allows you to charge premium prices for your specialized services and Want to Pick the Author's Brain? ASCP members receive 20 percent off a one-on-one coaching call with Crystal Ochemba-Powell! This is a BYOT (Bring Your Own Topic) session. You'll leave this 15-minute consulting call with actionable steps on improving aspects of your beauty business, including marketing and client-acquisition strategies. pick-my-brain-session Discount Code: ASCP2021 Web: IG: @crystalngozicoaching FB:

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