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64 ASCP Skin Deep November/December 2021 THROUGH THE COURSE OF THE PANDEMIC, we've seen a lot of customer behaviors change. For example, what once was a race to be the first in line at a department store at the stroke of midnight has now turned into a laid-back online shopping experience. Now customers can peruse websites in the comfort of their living room, simply clicking "add to cart" before checking out. As a skin care business, you might be wondering how you can position and market yourself to make sure you get your piece of the holiday pie. Like the retail giants, we know consumers will spend money this year, so we want to do all we can to capitalize on the season of giving. As we see consumers increasingly adopt ecommerce as their choice for convenience shopping, one thing hasn't changed. Humans crave connection—a connection they cannot get through a website's interface, despite the countless hours experts spend on curating a positive user experience. As estheticians, our goal should be a combination of ecommerce, in-person events, and customized marketing. CONNECTION IS THE NEW CURRENCY Research has shown that those who have warm relationships tend to be happier and live longer. In a pandemic where connection is stifled by smiles hidden under masks and safety warnings push isolation and physical distancing, humans have a dire need to connect. As skin care professionals, we know this to be true, as evidenced by a client's mood before and after a spa treatment. We can see the stress melt from their furrowed brows and feel the tense energy leave their bodies with each Ways to make the 2021 holidays bright by Lauren Snow Spread Some Cheer intentional stroke of effleurage. The esthetician's advantage? We have a unique opportunity to connect with our clients through emotional and physical contact, which not all retailers can do. We also have a primal desire to gather and celebrate. Since the beginning of time and across every culture, people have found reasons to celebrate. Pandemic or not, most people are looking forward to having a reason to celebrate something this holiday season. With everyone's desire to connect, gather, and celebrate in mind, it's time to start thinking about strategies to capitalize on the holiday season ahead. Identify Your Goals Before jumping in headfirst, a smart business owner identifies their goals and puts together a budget. What do you want your focus to be? Whether it is gift cards, retail sales, package promotions, or something else, you want to be crystal clear on your goals. Budgeting can help you stay organized and motivated. Consider how much money, time, and energy you can extend for your seasonal launch so you have realistic expectations. Order Smart, Order Early From short-staffed factories, shipping container and material shortages, and congested and shut down ports, you can expect delays in nearly everything you order from now until the new year. According to the Washington Post, "Analysts say they expect widespread shortages, less selection, and high prices for a number of holiday gifts." With all retailers facing challenges ahead, you need to get your items ordered and in quantities that will sustain you to meet the seasonal demand.

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