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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast at 35 INGREDIENTS IF ONE WERE TO EXAMINE centuries of male grooming habits, one thing would undoubtedly stand out: Men have always paid close attention to how they look. But just 20 years ago, men who used moisturizer instead of all-over body lotion or a facial cleanser instead of bar soap were classifi ed as metrosexual. Today, the burliest bearded bros are becoming curious about more than bathing and grooming—they're also taking steps toward great (and glowing) complexions. Men's skin care has been an expanding market for the past few years. One indication is newly designated prime merchandising real estate in department stores and niche boutiques. And we're not talking about small displays. We're talking entire sections devoted to men's skin care products, from brows to chin and even the neck. It seems that fi nally the marketing and product development world realizes what we professionals have known all along: Men have skin too. What was once a daily regimen of body wash that doubled as shampoo, plus a little scented deodorant in lieu of cologne, has grown into antiaging, hydrating, and restoring, not to mention a signifi cant uptick in male clientele seeking professional skin care services and treatments. There is, however, one huge point of confusion to this newly prioritized male-targeted market: The implication that male skin is somehow diff erent from female skin, and thus, deserves specifi c product designation. The truth is, the biggest diff erence between a "traditional" moisturizer and a moisturizer marketed for male use is often solely in the way it smells—and that can sometimes be a problem. Toxic Scents The (not so) sweet smell of men's skin care by Ella Cressman The truth is, the biggest difference between a "traditional" moisturizer and a moisturizer marketed for male use is often solely in the way it smells.

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