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MAY | JUNE 2021

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Listen to the ASCP Esty Talk podcast at 27 SKIN PHYSIOLOGY THROUGHOUT THE YEARS, WE'VE RECEIVED many questions on how to become a successful esthetician. Some estheticians think success comes from carrying the latest and greatest skin care line. Others strive to create the perfect facial using cutting-edge devices. However, we believe true esthetic success is rooted in thorough skin analysis. Clients expect us to deliver information and answer questions about their skin conditions, and professional skin analysis is a critical part of the professional facial service. Your ability to analyze the skin properly is based on your knowledge of skin histology and physiology so you can then link the client's intrinsic and extrinsic factors to their skin condition. After the analysis, the esthetician can link the client's skin condition to ingredients that will address them. In this regard, your ability to perform a professional skin analysis is a point of diff erentiation from your competition. IT'S ALL ABOUT COMMUNICATION Skin analysis is a time of communication with your client. You've already established open communication with your facial consent forms, Fitzpatrick type forms, waiver forms, and A Proper Skin Analysis by Dave Waggoner and Lisa VanBockern any other documentation you require, but what are the client's expectations? Now is the time to really listen to your client. Listening is when you will pick up information about client expectations, including what they've used, their dedication to home care, and their overall knowledge about their existing skin condition. During skin analysis, your client will likely want you to identify a "thing-y" or two. This is the time to draw from your knowledge base of skin pathology. It's important to understand that we, as estheticians, do not diagnose or make medical claims about client skin conditions. However, we want to be able to correctly identify common skin conditions so our clients can gain knowledge too. Also, we preach "when in doubt, refer out." A PROPER ANALYSIS Skin analysis can cause even the most seasoned esthetician some frustration. Skin is fi ckle. Skin has a mind of its own. And our wonder of its secret complexities is what keeps us up at night. ClaRk Van DER BEkEn/unsplash

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