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2 the student edition You Got This One of the perks of visiting cosmetology and skin care schools is hearing the inspiring tales from students of how an encounter with an unsuspecting beauty professional changed their life. How that one moment compelled them to want to change the lives of others, one beautifying service at a time. There are many reasons people decide to go to school, but for some it isn't always easy to stay in school. I encourage you to remember the unique inspiration that put you on this path and these four words: resilience, resourcefulness, faith, and professionalism. Resilience: Don't let naysayers control your destiny. Don't give up when someone says you aren't doing it right, or you don't fit the mold, or your classes don't fit into their life. Keep perfecting, pursuing, reinventing, and performing. Resourcefulness: Ask for what you want or need. Engage with successful beauty professionals now, while you're still in school. Be curious. Faith: You must have unwavering faith and desire. Always believe in you, even when others may not. Professionalism: You must walk the walk before you can talk the talk. Embody all the characteristics of the beauty professional that inspired you—if you don't have a mentor, find one. And of course, join one of our professional associations: ASCP, AHP, or ANP. To help fuel your inspiration and support you on your journey, we're thrilled to offer this special student edition of our member-exclusive magazine to give you a taste of just one of the benefits you'll receive when you join our organization as a Professional member. In it, you will find articles and columns specifically curated to prepare you for your career. Beyond our award-winning magazine, Professional membership provides you with access to industry experts, real-world education, and the most comprehensive professional liability insurance in the industry. Protection. Community. Education. Career Support. Wishing you great success, Tracy Donley Executive Director Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP) Associated Hair Professionals (AHP) Associated Nail Professionals (ANP) ascpskincare @ahphair ahphair Follow us online! @ascpskincare from the executive director anpnails ascpskincare

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