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y career in the skin care business has been a wild ride—really wild— but I love it and wouldn't change a thing. Before I even earned my license, my boss and mentor was pushing me off cliffs—or at least it felt like it. For example, she had me schedule clients for the day after my state board exam. She told me, "If you pass, you get paid. If you don't, you'll get more free practice." Gee, no pressure there! My boss also registered me in The Skin Games (TSG). And frankly, that scared the heck out me. I was a baby—only licensed nine months—when I did my case studies. When I started TSG, I literally knew nothing! But making videos, questioning mentors, doing research, and learning about my topic (acne) was the best way to learn a lot of information quickly. And then the interviews came. I met the giants of the industry. I was excited, star stuck, and felt dumb as a rock. But, what an amazing experience! I lost the trophy but won on so many other levels—and held my head high. During TSG, I also met my industry mentors and so many friends. The next year, I gladly joined TSG myself. I had learned so much the first year that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to choose a topic I knew nothing about. So, I picked one of the hardest skin conditions—rosacea—on a man, no less. And TSG had no category for compromised skin, so I was up against all the acne contestants. Guess what? I won! My client is still doing amazing, and I have two trophies in my treatment room that I dust with honor and pride. Beginning a Career Tips and advice to find your path upon graduation by Shawna Rocha 18 the student edition

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